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Surface Matting

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5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Premier Surface

Premier Surface has been designed as a heavy duty surface laid solution for entrances that do not have recessed matwells.

It has a professional finish that looks equally as good as a high-end custom-made system but is much easier to fit, and costs significantly less too.  The Premier Surface entrance mat system is designed for dirt/moisture control performance, durability and of course, safety underfoot.

For flooring contractors, a real benefit of Premier Surface is its ease of installation. Interlocking PVC tiles are laid to surface to cover the desired floor area.  The black PVC base tile (made from 100% recycled materials) is available with nylon carpet inserts in four colours. It is also available without carpet with a black PVC studded design finish.  The edging system incorporates a simple aluminium bottom frame that is secured to the floor and neatly finished with high-impact PVC bevelled edges and corner pieces.

5 Reasons Why to Choose Premier Surface

  1. It’s easy to fit
  2. It’s perfect for areas that do not have a matwell as it is laid to surface
  3. It costs significantly less than other engineered systems*
  4. It’s ideal for Supermarkets with optional bevelled edging for supermarket supply
  5. It’s load tested to 1000KG proving its toughness

Tiles measure 30cm x 30cm.  Available in Anthracite, Blue, Grey, Brown or without carpet inserts (in black).

Premier Surface Installation Video

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