June 2016

Need for Safety in a Commercial Kitchen!

June 2016 Comments Off on Need for Safety in a Commercial Kitchen!

Stronghold K30 – Safety Flooring

Safety flooring for wet and greasy conditions

Water underfoot is treacherous enough – add grease, oils and fats, and you’ve got a dangerous environment. So, for commercial kitchens, canteens, food preparation and service areas, it’s essential to select flooring that will help catering staff do their job safely.

Altro Stronghold 30 achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV≥55 / R12) and tests prove it minimises risk in wet and greasy conditions.

As well as helping to keep staff safe from slips, it also helps reduce their fatigue, thanks to its 3mm thickness which provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot.

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But safety is not our only consideration. Altro Whiterock and Altro Stronghold 30 work together to give you a varied and exciting colour palette. So from traditional to contemporary, you can go as bold as you dare.

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