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Marlings Carpet Tile

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Aesthetically Pleasing Carpet Tile – New Office


KENNEDY FLOORING have used BurburyCitrus  and Burbury StripeCitrus Stripe  from MARLINGS in  their offices in the Hume Centre. It is a very aesthetically pleasing carpet tile that gives the fitter umpteen fitting scenarios to suit your customers requirements.

From the images shown here, Stephen Doyle from “SD Flooring” has done a fantastic job in preparing the sub-floor and fitting this beautiful carpet tile.

This carpet tile is a competitively priced nylon loop pile tile, ideal for restrained budgets. It is made from solution dyed nylon, which is colour fast, stain resistant and bleach proof. Colour is locked in making cleaning and maintenance extremely straight forward.

Burbury with its tight low level loop is eminently suitable for all commercial applications including offices, schools, universities and public buildings.

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