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Linoleum Flooring

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DLW Marmorette 2.5 – Inspirational for School

It’s that time of year again and Schools need to be renovated!DLW Colorette 2.5 LPX, innovative colours, extremely tough, durable, impact resistant, low maintenance,Kennedy Flooring,Dublin,Ireland

Why not check out the innovative colours of Marmorette Linoleum Flooring we have in stock.

Marmorette Linoleum Flooring is extremely tough, durable and impact resistant.

The surface of DLW Linoleum is always coated in a protective layer in the last production steps. These protective coatings ensure the linoleum is not damaged by moisture or abrasive dirt, and eases the cleaning process. DLW Marmorette 2.5 LPX comes with our trusted basic LPX Finish offering low maintenance.

Benefits of DLW Marmorette Linoleum Flooring:

  • A large range of applications with 2.5mm thickness
  • Low maintenance thanks  to the LPX surface treatment
  • Extremely tough, durable and impact resistant
  • The only products made with cork linoleum that brings thermal comfort, texture comfort and is a lighter product
  • Wide choice of different design

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