October 2016

Downtime…. Odour….Damp Subfloor….

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Award Winning Safety Floor – Altro XpressLay™

These are problems that are seen as part and parcel of an installation job. But they don’t have to be. Kennedy Flooring stock/distribute a Safety Floor called Altro XpressLay™to solve all these problems.

With this type of Safety flooring, you can go adhesive-free and roll out a floor on many tricky surfaces, from stone and tiles to fresh concrete. With no adhesive, it can be reused and recycled at the end of its life.

When to use Altro XpressLay™:

  • If downtime is an issue, for example in a busy hospital or school. Tests prove installing Altro XpressLay can halve your installation time
  • Where adhesive odours could be a problem for staff, students or patients
  • If the subfloor is damp; Altro XpressLay can be applied at up to 97% relative humidity
  • If sustainability is a factor when planning and carrying out installations
  • Where you need to have easy access to the subfloor and the flooring itself, for example where underfloor heating and essential services are installed
  • Where you want to be able to remove the flooring easily post-installation

For aesthetics, this product boasts 42 colors, featuring bright and subtle, sparkle-free designs and decorative chipped options to give you a huge selection to choose from.

To learn how you can start saving, why not contact us on: 01-4568060 Isales@kennedyflooring.ie I @kennedyfloorin I www.kennedyflooring.ie


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