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If It’s Not Whiterock……

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It’s Not Altro….

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The Altro Whiterock walls system was introduced to the market over 35 years ago and has been a market leader ever since. As a result of its own success and excellent reputation you have most probably heard the term ‘Whiterocking’ a wall. However, if the sheet you’re using isn’t Altro, you’re not ‘Whiterocking’ that wall at all. Does that matter? You ask.

Of course it does, when it comes to your customers Health & Safety…. continue to read the Altros blog by clicking here.

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A Safety Floor with 42 Colours….

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Altro VM20 Walkway, 42 Colours, Safety Flooring, Slip, Abrasion, Hard Wearing, Kennedy Flooring, Dublin, Ireland

Altro Walkway™ 20

Being one of the most popular hard-wearing 2mm safety flooring, the Altro range offers a bright and subtle pallette with 42 colours to choose from.

The Altro Walkway range is over 25 years old and has lasted the test of time due to it’s easiness to cove and weld.  It also includes PUR cleanability, superior chemical and stain resistance.

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