July 2018

Office Design

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Beauty Meets Function..

Offices are moving away from cubicles and toward communities. Using different textures to zone the area helps with wayfinding. Have a read of how Interface are contributing to this concept! 

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NO. 1 Nosing Adhesive

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Nosing Adhesive, High Rise Buildings, Stair Wells,Communal Areas,Grippers, Kennedy Flooring, Dublin, Ireland

 FlexyFix – Strong/Fast/Clean/Easy

Fleyfix is suitable for use in High Rise buildings, all stair wells & communal areas. Nobody does it better, often imitated, never equaled, certainly not surpassed. It is one of Strongest, Fastest, No.1, Nosings, Grippers & more…

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FREE Tools During June (Only) -EXTENDED

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EXTENDED FOR ANOTHER MONTH – For the rest of July, Kennedy Flooring are running a FREE Tool Promotion with every full roll of Altro Walkway™ 20 bought during this time period.

As those school renovation projects are coming up again, why not put this inspiring and vibrant range forward for those School Halls & Classrooms. It has 42 colours within the range and is very easy to cove and weld.

Still unsure if this is the range for you, why not try out Altros Space Visualizer App to see why this is the ideal product for that project!

T&C: Offer Only Applies when a full roll of Altro Walkway™ 20 is purchased and the customer has signed up to the Kennedy Flooring Newsletter on the Home page of the website.

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If It’s Not Whiterock……

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It’s Not Altro….

Not Altro, Not Whiterock, Risk, Fire Safety Rating, Class 0, Circulation Systems, Kennedy Flooring, Dublin, Ireland

The Altro Whiterock walls system was introduced to the market over 35 years ago and has been a market leader ever since. As a result of its own success and excellent reputation you have most probably heard the term ‘Whiterocking’ a wall. However, if the sheet you’re using isn’t Altro, you’re not ‘Whiterocking’ that wall at all. Does that matter? You ask.

Of course it does, when it comes to your customers Health & Safety…. continue to read the Altros blog by clicking here.

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